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Doors, Gates and Locks


Internal Doors

Internal Doors

Neither you nor your tenants will be left waiting for essential maintenance or repair work to be taken care of when you subscribe with Easy Maintenance Subscription. We have a dedicated team of professionals who will make your maintenance tasks a priority, attending the site promptly within five working days to take care of any problems as soon as we are notified. We are the maintenance partner you’ve been looking for, and our rates are highly competitive.

​​Services included
  • Door damaged

  • Door de-laminating

  • Door handle or defective

  • Door loose

  • Door not opening or closing properly

  • Frame split

  • Hinge broken or damaged

  • Wooden door sticking

  • PVCu door sticking

  • Glass damaged or broken

Main exclusions and additional charges
  • Cost of parts and materials and disposal of waste

  • Repair that will take longer than 3 continuous hours

  • Ordinary wear and tear

  • Other matters excluded under Our terms and conditions




Easy Maintenance Subscription in Hessle is the team to call for landlord maintenance services in Hessle, Hull, and the surrounding areas – we cover a 50-mile radius of the city.

01482 838494

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